Monday, 24 February 2014


What ever we call it it is a helping hand that we need to achieve what we aim for.

A consultancy is meant to be an agent just like a catalyst in chemical reaction.

I work for a CONSULTANCY that is the reason i want to make people understand what a consultancy means.

A consultancy is an agent it fastens process
A consultancy is a helping hand that helps you rise.
A consultancy is a bridge that provides a means.

The consultancy that i work for is a study abroad consultancy sometimes called overseas education consultancy.
It basically deals with Admissions, Visa guidance.

Services provided are unlimited based on the case.

As i know what we do completely i can say simply we start with profile study , suggest the right country for the ultimate destination, depending on the student's requirement we sort out what is most suitable and best for him/her.

Our services start with explanation about options, give coaching/training for tests needed such as GRE IELTS GMAT TOEFL PTE SAT etc etc...

Then we book slots for exams at appropriate/suitable dates, prepare them for any kind of situations they are going to face.

Then meanwhile preparation and arrangement of documents take place with full guidance wherever necessary, then choosing right course university and place etc...

Next application to universities for admission, which we will do and get back with confirmations or rejects, mean while if rejects are more we suggest to apply for more, then comes the tough part choosing the right university for visa and gathering funds.

Finally applying for visa, attending interview, for which we prepare a case study and make it easy for the candidate to face and conduct mock interviews also.

This is described keeping USA inmind, different countries need different guidance and we are ready for everything.

Study in USA
Study in Australia
Study in Newzealand
Study in UK
Study in Germany
Study in Ireland
Study in canada

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All the best for all study abroad aspirants, do return to India to take care of your parents and serve & invest in India.

Anudeep Reddy P
Study abroad counselor/advisor
Karnataka students contact me on +91 9986748859
Rest of India contact me on +91 9703965837

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