Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sometimes i feel to write something

                                                                -BECAUSE IT IS OUR DAY
Anudeep Reddy
Anudeep Reddy

An Engineer:

All we know or think about Engineering is just the Graduation in Engineering-that is not the Engineering the way we engineer the world and ourselves is the engineering.

There are different types of engineers in the world, The CIVIL Engineers are the wonderful because they made this world which we live in, without whom we would not have seen the Seven Wonders of the World. And many spectacular monuments all over the world which range from paintings on a small grain, the smallest and tiniest to the largest biggest and greatest things built on the earth. 


From just a piece of paper showing the plan to do something we engineers achieve wonders that are believed as impossible. As an engineer I say nothing is impossible unless we try our best, the average engineer who is working in the things like these are the real engineers who show the world the wonderful possibilities of engineering, proving that it is not just graduating from a top universities with utmost credits and highest package placements.
I feel happy as an Engineer-HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Thought of an Engineer: 


It should be like an inspiring bullet into the tech minds which is invincible. Being a the best engineer does not satisfy the existence of an engineer, an engineer must be a good human being, supporting surviving and engineering the world to be sustainable and inhabitable for our future generations of engineers.
I feel proud as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Yes! We are engineers:

We engineer everything and we live on the face of the earth to engineer its stability


Every human being who is capable of building, demolishing, creating or adapting is an engineer. Because there are people who are working researching on “How to build something”, “How to demolish a building without any harm to anyone or anything”, “How to create spectacular wonders in the world” , “How to adapt to situations that nature puts in our way”.

The people who do wonderful things in the world and in the lives of people are all engineers. Not only Civil or Mechanical or Automobile or IT or Electrical…….We all are engineers. Born to be an engineer and surviving as an engineer we all must engineer the world. Doesn’t matter what we are it only matters who we are……………….we are ENGINEERS!!!
I feel great as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Engineers change lives of people:

Engineers in every field have their role to play in changing people’s lives –Lives of scientists in space to a farmer in every village.

Every engineer changes lives of people

            Here!                  To                      Here!

An engineer is born out of curiosity to know things that are already done by previous engineers but emerges as an engineer only when understands the essence of the things that are called wonders.

An engineer really changes the lives of people from scientists who hang their lives to a tiny thread called belief in engineers who built the space shuttle, the lives of farmers in deep valleys and steep mountains who have learnt to engineer the land themselves in order to cultivate. Everything in the present world consists engineering.

It feels responsible as an Engineer- HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY

Anudeep Reddy P

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I am transferred to Bangalore office

When i came to Bangalore i felt lonely till the evening and Gnaneshwar my best friend came and i felt relieved and got ready for the next day office.

One of the best photos of mine.